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Your swimming pool investment is not a cheap addition to the house.  Maintenance work is going to cost less than expensive pool repairs. And often the expensive pool repairs can be prevented or discovered during routine maintenance.  

Like houses, a pool requires regular cleaning in order for it to stay in good condition and for you to enjoy it as designed. You can hire our pool cleaners for weekly service and have extra time enjoying your sparkling clean pool!

Spend time playing, not cleaning

Protect your investment

- Vacuuming the swimming pool

- Brushing the pool walls and tiles

- Netting the pool

- Cleaning the pool skimmer

- Backwashing the pool filter DE

- Checking all equipment

- Testing the pool water chemicals

- Adding pool chemicals to

 balance water

- Cleaning the pool sweep bag

 and filter

- Checking the pool sweep

Pool service includes:

You don't want to swim in a pool that has too many chemicals because they can damage your skin and hair. But a pool that doesn't have enough chemicals can be unhealthy.


We have over 35 years of experience and will keep your pool at the right level with safe yet effective chemicals. We use shock, alkalinity, and algaecide chemicals.

Healthy pool water

Count on a locally owned, full service pool company

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